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In this course from ACE, you will learn to create beautiful scenes using 3Ds Max. You will understand how to post-process 3d renderings inside Photoshop and become a job-ready professional in the 3D visualization industry .


This course is designed for complete beginners so no prior experience is needed. On the other hand, seasoned 3Ds Max users can still benefit from this course, as we'll be covering more specific topics in this course such V-Ray 3.0 rendering engine.


Upon covering the fundamental elements in 3Ds Max, we'll move on to different 3D modeling techniques. We'll cover a lot of exercise projects designed to develop your skill step-by-step. After that we're going to deepen your knowledge to lighting, material, and rendering using V-Ray. 


Upon completion, you will receive a certificate attested by the Ministry of Education.


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